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Coin Rokaki Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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Innovation model for filter and filtration industries

COIN ROKAKI ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., established in May 1992, is a specialized filter manufacturer for machinery, heavy-duty transport vehicles, construction machinery, generators, air compressors, loaders, forklifts, and other industrial applications. Company's product line includes oil mist separator, primary coalescing filter, air filters, engine oil filters, diesel filters, gasoline filters, hydraulic filters, mesh filters, oil-water separators, and customized filters.

At COIN ROKAKI, we view our customers' needs as both our responsibility and duty. We are committed to sustainable service and operations.

Established in 2019, COIN ROKAKI's second factory primarily focuses on researching and developing advanced filtration performance. According to our experience, we can significantly improve 200% filtration efficiency, reduce 50% air resistance, and extend 2 times of filter life span. These efforts demonstrate our professional expertise and commitment. Through rigorous testing, we identify challenges and offer tailored solutions to manufacture filters that meet your specific requirements.

Main Products Oil Mist Separator, Primary Coalescing Filter, Air Filters, Engine Oil Filters, Diesel Filters, Gasoline Filters, Hydraulic Filters, Mesh Filters, Oil-Water Separators, and Customized Filters.

Application Scope Specialized Process Machinery, Epitaxial Growth Process, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Heavy-Duty Transportation Vehicles, Construction Machinery, Electricity Generators, Air Compressors, Loader Machines, Forklift Trucks.

Application Achievements To provide various product and special specifications, COIN ROKAKI offers customized services to meet the market demands. We continuously research and develop a series of LONG LIFE TYPE filters, surpassing the quality of original manufacturer filters, thereby enhancing product utility and efficiency.

Sales Strategy COIN ROKAKI not only focuses on the primary domestic markets but also extends to global market across various regions. Meeting customer’s demands is both our responsibility and obligation. Our commitment to sustainable services and reliable operation has fortified and fueled our growth within the manufacturing industry.



Project R&D Applications

Filter Resistance Curve (FRC) Filter Media Performance Evaluation and Quality Inspection

Filter Resistance Curve (FRC) Filter Energy Consumption, Energy-saving Applications, Filter Airflow Design

Filter Efficiency Test (FET) Evaluation of Filter Element Performance / Assessment of System Cleanliness Capability

Dust Holding Capacity (DHC) Evaluation of Long-lasting Performance of Filter for dust and oil mist, Regeneration Performance

Fan Performance Curve (FPC) Design System Airflow Evaluation, Fan Performance Assessment

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) Operation point of FFU , System Energy Evaluation

2019 Ventilation Filtration Testing Wind Tunnel according to ISO 16890 Standards.

2020 Air Resistance Testing Wind Tunnel According to ISO5801 Standards.

2021 Nano-filtration Testing Wind Tunnel according to ISO 29463 Standards.

2022 Compressed air Filtration Testing system according to ISO12500 Standards and implementing ISO/IEC 17025.

2023 Air intaking filtration testing wind tunnel according to ISO5011, and accomplish ISO 17025.


2024 Establishment of Compressed Air Quality Testing According to ISO 8573.

2025 Hydraulic Filter Element Testing System According to ISO 16889.

2026 Nano-filtration Testing Wind Tunnel According to ISO 29463.



Combine the industry's polymer materials with high-performance equipment, introduce filters through experimental design and testing. Introduce advanced machines, invest in environmentally friendly products, and enhance customer business value.

Passed TAF certification on December 19th.


COIN ROKAKI Filtration Technology Laboratory obtained ISO 17025/TAF certification. Developing specialized processes filters for various benefits, we achieved a double-winners strategy in the service market and also a reliable mutual growth.


We implemented TPS lean production management to drive advanced processes that meet specific customer needs.

In the third year, we obtained a grant from Government's SBIR Local Industry Innovation and R&D Promotion Program.


We conducted research tailored to meet the needs of manufacturers in specialized process machinery, MOCVD processes, pollution treatment, and oil mist air pollution equipment, aiming to achieve the professional use of machinery.

The following year, we consecutively obtained a grant from Government's SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Local Industry Innovation and Development Program.


COIN ROKAKI's second factory was officially launched, introducing technological innovations and producing specialized products for smoke and toxin filtration. A research and testing laboratory was established, fostering collaboration between industry and academia.

In the first year, the company obtained a grant from Government's SBIR Local Industry Innovation R&D Promotion Program.


By integrating production and sales and adopting a holistic service approach, we expanded our global trade. Actively establishing logistics orientation shortened production times, brought us closer to the market, aligned with customer’s interests, and created a win-win niche.


We successfully implemented the ISO-9001:2000 standard and passed the SGS verification in April after a triennial review. We remain committed to continuous improvement in management, emphasizing our primary goal of ensuring top-notch quality and aiming for heightened customer satisfaction.


We designed an environmentally-friendly and long-life filter, establishing a brand that customers can trust. Our filters surpass the quality of original factory products. Professional quality is our commitment; reasonable prices are our sincerity. We strive to achieve customer delivery missions with top-notch quality and leading-edge technology.


We integrated filter production, introduced innovative designs, provided dedicated service, meticulously studied customer development for exclusive benefits, and established a guarantee for continued innovation and development.


Certified by SGS ISO-9001 in the 2000 version, successfully completed the regular three-year verification process. We introduced special filter production machinery to enhance product quality, strengthened education and training, and facilitated the import of new forklifts from Japan and foreign exchange. This was to meet the extensive demand for sales of professional handling machinery and established a dedicated import and export department.


To actively integrate distribution services and expand new businesses, we increased our product line on heavy machinery, forklift parts, vehicle clutch plates, and the development and manufacturing of import and export-related services, further enhancing our market services.


In line with the environmental trend, we introduced precision oil mist technology, resource recycling and reuse techniques. By aligning with market demand, we created performance and shared profits with customers. This approach better aligns with government initiatives for environmental conservation, reducing waste, and resource reuse.


Achieved the ISO-9001:2000 International Quality Assurance Verification through UK's SGS certification, demonstrating compliance with the ISO-9001 quality management system.


The company expanded its factory and introduced new advanced machinery and technologies to meet the quality and capacity demands of the new century. This enhancement aligns with the economic interests of our customers, fostering mutual benefits and shared prosperity.

Sep 1998

We successfully obtained the ISO-9002 international quality assurance verification from SGS in the UK, establishing a robust quality system and implementing the ISO quality assurance system.

Mar 1998

The company implemented the ISO-9002 international quality assurance system, enhancing its management structure and advancing towards international markets.

Oct 1997

To enhance production capacity and automation, the company acquired precision filtration manufacturing machinery from Japan to bolster production speed and meet customer demands.

Apr 1995

Established first factory in Changhua, Taiwan and also COIN ROKAKI ENTERPRISE CO., LTD in order to set up a vertical integration combing production and sales market. We dedicated ourselves to producing high-quality and various filters.

May 1992

Established HORNG BIN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. on Chengde Road in Taipei City, specializing in the trading of various filters including air, oil, gasoline, and diesel. Focusing on domestic market in Taiwan.



Add: No.88, Ln. 89, Rongxing Rd., Huatan Township, Changhua County 50346, Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-7876388 Fax: 886-4-7876366

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. LEE, DONGCAI

Plant Manager: Mr. LEE, YONGYAO

International Business Department: Manager, HUGO LEE

Overseas Business Department Phone: 0932-602478

Overseas Business Department Mail:

Domestic Business Department: Assistant Manager LEE, YAMEI

Domestic Business Department: Team Leader, ZHOU, JIEMIN

Forklift Department: CHEN, HONGZHI / LAI, ANQI

Factory Floor Area: 10000 square meters

Company Staff: 45 personnel


Add: No. 164-88, Shanjiao Rd., Dacun Township, Changhua County 51541, Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-8529988 Fax: 886-4-8521666

Laboratory Manager: HUGO LEE

Assistant Manager of Sales Department: CHEN, MEIRU

Taiwan Professional Filter, Filter element Manufacturing Factory

COIN ROKAKI ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is a professional filter manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in the development and production of various high-quality filter products. We take pride in manufacturing Long-life Coalescing Filters, High-Performance Oil Mist Filters, Filter Elements for Special Processes, Heavy Duty Oil Filters, Air primary filter, Oil filter and Diesel filter.

To ensure product quality, we possess advanced laboratories that conduct rigorous tests on efficiency, resistance, Air Residual Oil Content, and dust holding capacity. We have also established wind tunnels compliant with professional standards such as ISO16890 and ISO5801, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards. Going a step further, we've implemented the TAF Laboratory Quality Management System ISO17025, as well as ISO12500 and ISO5011 testing system. According to our experience, we can significantly improve 200% filtration efficiency, reduce 50% air resistance, and extend 2 times of filter life span. These efforts demonstrate our professional expertise and commitment.

Our filter products are widely used in various fields including semiconductors, transportation, air compressors, construction machinery, defense system, fishing boats, environmental protection, and medical industries, providing available and economic filtration solutions for all businesses. COIN ROKAKI, your primary partner for filtration!
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