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Coin Rokaki Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Product Line

Founded in 1992, Coin Rokaki Enterprise Co., Ltd. has since grown to become Taiwan's most trusted supplier. With consistent work over the years, our company has amassed the strongest R&D capabilities in the market and has become one of the largest and highest-quality filter manufacturers. Coin Rokaki Enterprise Co., Ltd. has established itself as a market leader in the air filter, fuel filter and oil filter categories, bolstering the company's position in the energy and environment sector. Aside from that, the given items are highly sought after in the market due to its light weight, appealing design, low maintenance, ease of operation, high performance, reliability, and durability. Allow us to be your first and foremost a filter manufacturer.
Product Categories
Superior customer service has long been a characteristic of Coin Rokaki Enterprise Co., Ltd., in addition to product robustness. Our staff is dedicated to making it simple for you to acquire the items and information you need, when you need them, from product specification and selection to delivery and beyond. As a leading filter manufacturer, we offer high-quality air filters, fuel filters and oil filters at a reasonable price. We have a staff of efficient, quality inspectors that ensure that our products are created to the highest standards and that we continue to be one of Taiwan's leading filter manufacturers. We eagerly anticipate your positive response to our products and services.